All of Our Units (Machinery)

Every Elective (Most Popular) Units Final Trim Training Provides.

In this blog, every unit we provide on a regular basis will be listed for easy viewing. This will allow potential students to browse through the units we offer. All of these units originate from one of our Cert III Courses.

. RIIMPO318F- Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations

. RIIMPO319E- Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations

. RIIMPO320F- Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations

. RIIMPO321F- Conduct Civil Construction wheeled front end Loader Operations

. RIIMPO323E- Conduct Civil Construction Dozer Operations

. RIIMPO324F- Conduct Civil Construction Grader Operations

. RIIMPO317F- Conduct Roller Operations

. RIIHAN309F- Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

. RIIMPO315E- Conduct Tractor Operations

. RIIMPO326E- Conduct Water Vehicle Operations

. RIIMPO337E- Conduct Articulated Truck Operations

. RIIVEH304E- Conduct Tip Truck Operations

. RIICCM202E- Identify, Locate and Protect Underground Services

. RIIWHS302E- Implement Traffic Management Plan

. RIIWMG203E- Drain and Dewater Civil Construction Site

. RIIWHS202E- Enter and Work in Confined Spaces

. RIIWHS204E- Work Safely at Heights

. RIIHAN308F- Load and Unload Plant

These are all our main core units, for inquiries about other individual units that we may train, contact us from our website.

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