Excavator Training

An Excavator competency is a nationally recognized qualification that will require Excavator Training to give you the skills to operate a excavator on a construction site. It will also qualify you for jobs in the Civil Construction, Mining, Transport and Agriculture industries. At Final Trim Training our Excavator Training focus’s on the key elements needed to become a competent operator, our trainer’s have had year’s of hands on experience in the Civil Construction industry and Quality is at the fore front of any training we deliver. Excavator Training should include safe work practices, correct operating procedures, correct techniques, machine capabilities and inspections and idea’s on how to boost production while maintaining safety and quality. Excavator Training with Final Trim Training will greatly improve your chances of entering the Civil Construction industry or up skilling existing worker’s.

In the course you will also learn the skills on how to conduct excavator operations. These include planning and preparing; carrying and placing materials; operating the machine;  selecting, removing and fitting attachments; conducting machine per-operational checks and relocating the machine to name a few things you will learn.

The holder of an excavator competency is highly sought after in the Civil Construction industry. Without the right qualifications you are ineligible for a variety of building and construction jobs. With a valid excavator competency you become a more viable candidate in a variety of employment scenarios. Our motto is to bring back Quality training to our industry.

RII30815 – Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations
There are no entry requirements for this qualification, the course requires that you complete 19 units of competency in order to obtain this qualification.

There are 14 core units and 5 elective units in this qualification, and with in the elective units of this qualification plant competencies may be obtained example Excavator. Please contact Final Trim Training for Funding Eligibility and expert advice on what opportunities are available in our industry.


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