Final Trim Training was started by our CEO Jason Davis for a more positive move towards high quality and professional training. It was obvious that the current training industry at the time was losing its values and instead of RTO’s focusing on their students, they were focused on the money they were generating. It may sound Cliche, but being a small family owned and run RTO that is run by honest people from a small country town, is one of the reason’s why we are who we are. Our CEO has worked for other RTO’s in the past and was sick of unprofessional and greedy training occurring on a regular basis. That is why our RTO was made, to make a change. We are not a multi-million dollar company, and there’s a reason for that, because we do things the right way. We have always stuck by our values 100% and delivered some of the best Civil, WHS and Road Construction based training in the country. Our promise to any one that decides to complete training through our RTO is that we guarantee you will receive the highest quality of training on the market! No matter what type of training it is whether it be plant tickets through to traffic management training, we will do it best! Our trainers have spent over half their lives working in the industry that they now train. They provide the most knowledgeable Civil training you can receive and we guarantee you will leave with all questions answered. We will ensure that you are 100% ready and competent in the course u have been trained in, and have all the tools you require to take it into the Australian workforce!

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