Traffic Management & Underground Services Courses

So far this year we have had a dramatic increase in the number of students completing ” Implement Traffic Management plan ” & ” Identify, locate and protect underground services ” courses.  These courses have been a must have qualification for most of our students working in the industry. By the end of each course, our students know exactly how to safely put in place all of their newly acquired skills from these courses.

Some of these skills for the Traffic Management course include correct signage (various speed limits, different types of signs and the reasons behind using them). Distances between signs so that they meet industry standards and are giving road users the correct preparation time to slow down or stop.  How to read and interpret Traffic management plans and diagrams. And lastly, they will have a full understanding of some of the horrific consequences and results that may come from incorrect signage and misinterpretation of a traffic management plan or diagram and why they are crucially important.

The Underground Services course gives our students an in depth knowledge and understanding of how to locate an underground service  safely and correctly using modern day locating equipment and techniques. Students quickly learn of the very dangerous and disastrous situations that can occur from striking and underground service. They learn about all the underground services such as water, power, gas, sewage etc. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding job for our trainer Jason Davis, to be able to help up skill our students so that they are fully equipped to take on jobs that require these qualifications. Final Trim Training provides one of the most professional, high quality and affordable training services around, and that’s something that we guarantee!

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